Lib completely falls for Sean Spicer parody account, becomes triggered to the point of blind rage

Sean Spicier strikes again!

And that’s not the White House press secretary but the Twitter handle for a parody account that has sent the Left into spasms on multiple occasions.

The account, @sean_spicier, has tweeted out comments that have fooled leftists into a rage while providing endless entertainment for those who pay attention to blue check marks and spelling on Twitter.

Apparently, Spicier’s tweet about The New York Times receiving a Pulitzer Prize sent one woman into a full-blown, all-caps rant.

It didn’t take long for the stinging correction to surface.

And the anticipated jab from the Spicier account.

The parody account has hilariously pulled the wool over the eyes of a few liberals since it launched in January.

In an epic exchange last month, even a Pulitzer Prize winner fell for the sham.

The latest leftist meltdown entertained Twitter users again, and even caused subject of the tweets, Shannon Jewell-Taft to respond, sort of.

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Frieda Powers


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