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SNL spoofs Pepsi ad – it’s easier to watch, now!

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Although a cringeworthy ad for PepsiCo was pulled off the air by the soft drink giant, it remained in the hearts of “Saturday Night Live” cast members who spoofed the spot on their show.

Clip via NBC Entertainment

The commercial, which featured reality star Kendall Jenner bringing Black Lives Matter protesters and police officers together by offering them a can of Pepsi, may have even had legal problems associated with it before PepsiCo canned it.

The performance opened with “SNL” cast member Beck Bennett, as the TV spot’s creator and director, taking a call from his sister just as he finished rehearsal for the ad.

From the look on his face after he described the spot to his sister, it was apparent she wasn’t at all enamored with its concept. Figuring it was just her, he asked that someone else come to the phone so he could give the pitch another try.

That didn’t work either, so he asked for a neighbor be brought to the phone — “a black one.”

He didn’t get any further into his spiel than “Black Lives Matter” before the neighbor suggested that he forget about it and “just run to [his] car.”

After hanging up he finally realized that the TV spot’s concept was horrifying. Overhearing Jenner on the phone provided one last dig. She loved it!

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