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Donald Trump Jr.’s recent take on good journalism skills has some media folks running scared

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Donald Trump Jr. is all over the bombshell story of former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice playing a role in the “incidental surveillance” of his father.

President Donald Trump’s namesake took to Twitter Tuesday to credit Mike Cernovich for breaking the story… and to grant him a Pulitzer!

Trump Jr. wrote: “Congrats to for breaking the story. In a long gone time of unbiased journalism he’d win the Pulitzer, but not today!”

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Both Fox News and Bloomberg News reported on the Rice connection Monday, but Cernovich was up with the story a full day earlier:


The reaction on social media included the observation that Cernovich getting the scoop over the media giants is a “massive deal,” according to Axios reporter, Jonathan Swan.  It even sparked worried speculation about who next might get direct access to the White House.



And the story itself may prove to be “massive” as well, as details continue to shake out on what role the Obama White House may have played in spying on his successor.

As Twitchy noted, Kellyanne Conway also chimed in and threw some credit Cernovich’s way when he held his own on 60 minutes in a feature about ‘fake news’:

And, Will Sommer, campaign editor at The Hill didn’t like it one bit.

As for Trump’s tweet, he took some gruff for praising Cernovich, given his spotty past.

It’s rough out there.

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