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Furious Huckabee questions much more than just Grahams’ political leanings

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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee sometimes wonders what team Sen. Lindsey Graham is playing on.

So do we all, governor, so do we all.

“I’m very disappointed in Lindsey,” Huckabee said of the South Carolina Republican to conservative radio host Laura Ingraham Wednesday.

Huckabee was referring to Graham’s comparison of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes to the bumbling “Pink Panther” character Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

“I sometimes wonder what uniform he puts on each morning when goes out to the field to play, and I’m not just talking about the partisan uniform,” he continued in an apparent reference to Graham’s sexual preferences.

The 61-year-old senator and former Air Force Reserve officer has never married.

“I think to bring that kind of criticism and to call the chairman of the House Intel Committee — who is a person of integrity — to call him Inspector Clouseau, to use those kind of terms basically to diminish him, it’s very unfortunate. It’s demeaning.”

Social media didn’t hold back.

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But ultimately, does it really matter so long as he does the right thing?

Graham addressed his marital status several years ago.

“I guess I attribute that to timing,” he said in his 2015 book, “My Story.” “The opportunity never presented itself at the right time, or I never found time to meet the right girl, or the right girl was smart enough not to have time for me.”


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