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Judge Pirro SHREDS Ryan for epic failure: STEP DOWN! How could you possibly misjudge this?

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“Paul Ryan needs to step down as speaker of the House.”

Those words were Jeanine Pirro‘s first words as she gave Speaker Paul Ryan both barrels of her verbal shotgun Saturday, blasting him for his inability to get the American Health Care Act approved in the House.

Clip via Fox News Channel

In her “Opening Statement” on “Justice,” the Fox News host said that the Wisconsin Republican failed to muster the votes needed to pass the bill and send it on to the Senate even though the GOP “had the House, the Senate and the White House.”

She noted that although President Donald Trump “made the replacement of Obamacare the hallmark of his campaign,” Ryan pulled the bill from consideration.

Pirro accused Ryan of selling Trump “a bill of goods” with the proposal after “Americans elected the one man they believed could do it” — a non-political insider.

“Folks, I want to be clear, this is not on President Trump,” she said, stating that the president had relied on Ryan’s expertise and knowledge of his fellow Republicans’ leanings — and Ryan let him down.

“How could you possibly misjudge this?” she asked.

Pirro said she hadn’t spoken to the president since the debacle but could only imagine that Trump felt that Ryan “had his back,” but Ryan didn’t deliver.

“You didn’t even test the waters,” Pirro said.

As a result, both House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schemer spent the day gloating about what they saw as an administrative failure, “when even they know Obamacare is a total disaster.”

Despite that, Pirro said Trump handled it well and “with dignity,” and refused to blame Ryan for the setback.

She expressed fear that House conservatives will “feel emboldened” and “dig their heels in on the tax cuts,” the next item on the speaker’s agenda.

“The American people won’t forget this,” Pirro concluded, “and neither should the president.”

Earlier that evening Trump encouraged his followers to tune into Pirro’s program.

Fox Business Network’s Lou Hobbs was smoking hot as he also blasted Ryan for his failure to deliver, and said the time has come for him to step down.

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