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Chelsea warns of ‘horrifying’ report on diabetes & global warming; response is NOT what she’d hoped for

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Global warming is causing diabetes, y’all!

That’s what former first daughter Chelsea Clinton suggested on Twitter — after which she got ruthlessly fact-checked and mocked.

“Horrifying research shows correlation between global warming and rise in diabetes cases,” Clinton tweeted.

Chelsea linked to an inane Los Angeles Times article claiming that global warming could lead to an additional “100,000 diabetes cases” a year in the United States:

Dismissing the longstanding adage in statistics that correlation is not causation, Chelsea pushed her climate-change agenda while ignoring the fact that most experts say type 2 diabetes is induced by poor diet, lifestyle choices, obesity and heredity.

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Not surprisingly, Twitter let her have it.





One Twitter user wondered: If warm weather causes diabetes, why isn’t everyone in the tropics diabetic?


Some wondered why Chelsea didn’t just blame the Russians for the global rise in diabetes.

Samantha Chang


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