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Eco-terrorists have been busy sabotaging the Dakota Access Pipeline. Anyone surprised?

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Environmental activists have as much concern for the ecology as Michael Moore has for a low-fat, low-carb diet.

Environmentalists and ecology activists once again exhibited their total disregard for the environment by burning holes into several above-ground sections of the Dakota Access Pipeline, according to local ABC affiliate KOTA News.

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Clip via KOTA News

Authorities are saying there’s been an effort to sabotage the project in a series of “coordinated physical attacks” on the $3.8 billion pipeline.

One hole was found in an exposed part of the pipeline near Sioux Falls, South Dakota, as well as to a safety valve in Iowa.

Without surprise, activists claim neither responsibility nor knowledge of the vandalism. KOTA reported:

Environmental activists who tried to disrupt some oil pipeline operations in four states to protest the Dakota Access pipeline say they aren’t responsible for any recent attacks on that pipeline.

Jay O’Hara with the Climate Disobedience Center told The Associated Press Tuesday that Climate Direct Action wasn’t involved, and he isn’t aware of anyone claiming responsibility.

In October, Climate Direct Action activists tried to shut valves on oil pipelines in North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana and Washington. But O’Hara says the group has no plans to target Dakota Access.


Folks on the left welcomed the news.

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When demonstrators were ordered off the site after months of protesting, they left behind mountains of trash for someone else to pick up, and even abandoned dogs and puppies.


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