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Seeing Tucker face off with Bob made fans punchy; Beckel’s ‘tiptoeing around like a fat ballerina’

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Having cantankerous liberal Bob Beckel on as a guest promised to be entertaining, but add cute and cuddly, if not deadly, Tucker Carlson to the mix and you have can’t miss TV.

The discussion centered on Russia’s alleged influence over the Trump campaign, of which there has been plenty of innuendo from the left, but precious little evidence to support the claim.

The segment can be seen below, but what proved to be even more entertaining was the reaction on social media to the exchange.

To help stir interest, Carlson posted on Twitter a critique of the Democratic Party from his quest that presumably helped elect Donald Trump as president:

Beckel propped up the left’s claims of collusion between Trump and the Kremlin, while blowing off reports that the Clinton campaign also had contact with the Russians.

Either way, social media users weren’t buying it… in fact, they were buying much of anything Beckel was selling.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:



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