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Chelsea Handler wonders how people will possibly have ‘safe sex’ without Planned Parenthood funding

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Comedienne Chelsea Handler just wants to be “clear.” If the American Health Care Act is passed, or any other Republican healthcare bill that replaces a repealed Obamacare, Planned Parenthood will be defunded, making “safe sex” an option unavailable to millions.

Wow, however will people have “safe sex” without Planned Parenthood?


And why did Planned Parenthood fight to make over the counter birth control available to the unwashed masses?


Now to be REALLY clear, Planned Parenthood is about “safe sex” like Playboy is about the “stories.” In other words, abortions are their game and “safe sex” is what they do on the side to make polite society think they’re doing something useful.

Yes, the organization makes a lot of hay out of saying that only 3 percent of their business is abortion services, but the only way to make that statistic accurate is if you count an abortion, which costs around $1,500, the same as a pregnancy test, pap smear, or contraceptive services.

When you figure up the costs of services, as any reasonable person would, abortions make up 94 percent of what Planned Parenthood does.

But regardless, here’s perhaps the biggest takeaway from this whole sordid affair:

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