CNN’s live feed cuts GOP congressman just as segment was getting interesting on refugee terror stats

CNN’s Dana Bash was interviewing Rep. Scott Taylor, R-Va, on Tuesday afternoon when the topic, a reasoned defense of President Trump’s new travel ban, apparently got just a little bit uncomfortable for the libs behind the scenes at the Clinton News Network.

At least, that’s the way it looked.

“Do you think as a member of the Homeland Security committee it is necessary for the security of this country to put this ban in place?” Bash asked.

“I do think that it’s important for our security and I think that the people overwhelmingly in the country want that as well too because again just today the FBI comes out and says that 30 percent, 30 percent of their domestic terrorism cases that they are investigating are from folks who are refugees,” Taylor responded.

“It’s important not to label all refugees bad people..that’s not why I’m here, but…”

At that point, Taylor’s eagerly awaited point was interrupted by an error screen and a loud “BEEEP!”

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“Oh!” Bash said, acting surprised. “I was just gonna say Congressman it’s time to go but I think the T.V. Gremlins did that for us.”

So, they’re calling them “TV Gremlins” nowadays?

I like Trump’s name for them – “fake, fake news.”

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Scott Morefield


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