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Astounding video shows Fla. firefighters defy injuries, return to position after being blasted by explosion

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This is what bravery looks like.

Two Florida firefighters defied danger by resuming their duties immediately after being thrown backward by a fireball.

Dramatic video released by Palm Beach Fire Rescue shows the pair captured on surveillance footage as they prepare their hose reel before entering a home earlier this week.

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An explosive flame burst out of the door, sending the firefighters hurtling out of the entryway.

But moments later, they reappeared after getting back on their feet. One resumed preparing the hose and eventually began to spray water onto the flames. The second firefighter appeared to take a few moments in regaining the position but bravely shook off any injuries before continuing.

“Dramatic footage from recent #fire highlight dangers of #firefighting,” read the caption on the tweet from Palm Beach Fire Rescue. “Although injured the 2 return to hoseline to fight the fire #bravery.”

Twitter users responded with heartfelt gratitude for the acts of courage performed by these and other first responders every day.

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