President Trump starts his ‘Trumpcare’ negotiations by making Rand Paul an ‘offer he can’t refuse’

On Tuesday, Senator Rand Paul, Senator Mike Lee, and other Congressional leaders comprising the Freedom Caucus gathered outside the Capitol to lay out their opposition to the GOP House leadership’s “repeal and replace” bill, dubbed “Trumpcare” by some.

When it was Paul’s turn to speak, the Kentucky senator laid out the essence of his caucus’s opposition:

“[Republicans] have to admit that we are divided on replacement,” said Paul, adding that the best way to “get past this impasse” is to completely repeal the original Affordable Care Act, then deal with deciding on a replacement plan later.

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“Our bill has always been repeal in one piece of legislation and replace with another. There’s one thing that has united Republicans in 2010 when we won the House, in 2014 when we won the Senate, and in 2016 when we won the White House. This doesn’t divide Republicans,” the senator said. “This brings us together. And that is complete repeal — a clean repeal.”

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert calls the bill a “starting point,” saying he thinks that “amidst the horse excrement, we can find a pony around here somewhere.”

So now, it’s up to President Trump to work a little “art of the deal” and make this thing happen. And he’s already, according to some, finding ponies when it comes to persuading his “friend” Senator Paul.

And when I say ponies, I mean…

Several others were quick to point out Trump’s “persuasion tactics” on social media:

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