Samuel L Jackson goes low to rip into Ben Carson for slaves as immigrants remark

As is often the case, Hollywood moonbats can be counted on to lend credence to a hyperventilating media out to discredit conservatives.

…and that’s just what happened when actor Samuel L. Jackson — “L” as is liberal… or loser, take your pick — ripped Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on Monday for describing slaves as “immigrants.”

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The Trump administration official made the comment on Monday while addressing HUD employees — he was speaking on the strength and perseverance of slaves forced to come to America. After the media seized on his remark, Carson would explain the obvious, that slaves were “involuntary immigrants.”

Despite a net worth of $150 million, Jackson fell back on a street persona that helped make him a pop culture icon to attack Carson on social media — not to be missed is a highly insulting reference to “Uncle Tom” with the crude hashtag #dickheadedtom.

The all-caps being appropriate, insomuch that Jackson’s shtick is that he yells more than he speaks.

The left took its cue from the cynical interpretation by Jackson and others on the left, to include the media, lambasting Carson on social media.

And Jackson was joined by a number of elitist celebrities eager to join his moonbat parade, as seen here:

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