Anderson Cooper brags how he ‘muted’ Trump on Twitter. America mutes CNN right back

It’s well-known that President Donald Trump sees social media as a means to an end, an effective means that allows him to circumvent the media filter, taking his message directly to the American people.

…with an assist from the very same media, who breathlessly reports on what he tweets.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper appeared on “The Late Show” Monday and told host Stephen Colbert that he has “muted” Trump on Twitter, which lets him remove the president’s tweets from his timeline without unfollowing him.

“I just don’t want to have that drama in my life,” the CNN anchor who professes to be a journalist said.

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“Yeah, you know, when you get annoying people tweeting you, you don’t want to delete because then that tells them you’ve deleted them,” he explained. “So if you just mute them, they think you’re still following them, and you don’t actually see their tweets.”

Comments clearly intended to diminish the veracity of what the president may have to say via Twitter.

It’s not clear if Cooper hopes to start a trend that would eliminate a valuable tool from the Trump arsenal, but he may want to take note that CNN “is muted all over America,” as Rush Limbaugh’s long-time producer Bo Snerdley aptly pointed out:

In discussing the president’s aides and their relationship with the press, the alleged journalist was clear about where he stands, saying: “I also don’t want to really have a relationship with these people.”

Here’s a sampling of the reaction on social media to the blatant bias on display here:

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