Stephen King mocks Trump brutally over wiretap accusation

Stephen King, left loon novelist of the macabre, took to social media to mock President Donald Trump’s assertion that his predecessor had tapped his phones at Trump Tower in the closing days of the campaign.

After news reports were published indicating that the Obama administration applied for warrants in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court to wiretap Trump campaign phones, the president unloaded on Obama in a series of tweets.

Apparently having no trust in the numerous outlets that reported the incident, King mocked the notion that Obama had tapped Trump’s communications system, believing very idea prosperous, beginning with these two tweets:

Two hours later King tweeted:

Obama, acting through his spokesman in a carefully worded statement, later denied that he had anything to do with electronic surveillance at Trump Tower, adding that no one in the White House had ever ordered surveillance of an American citizen.

But the Obama administration extended way beyond the walls of the White House.

Then-Attorney General Eric Holder signed off on search warrants to secure the phone records of Fox News Washington correspondent James Rosen, as well as those of his parents. It also seized records from Associated Press phones. The administration’s distrust of media resulted in it spying on the press more than all previous administrations combined.

As a result, although freedom of the press is guaranteed under the First Amendment, the United States fell to 46th place in press freedom under the Obama administration.

More recently, columnist and Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer said recently that he has no doubt but that Obama “was intent on leaving behind landmines” for the Trump administration. This was evidenced by numerous leaks to the press of private conversations — most notably by the president himself to world leaders, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

If there’s smoke there’s probably fire.

But King disregards that — he is, after all, a purveyor of fiction and doesn’t have to deal in fact.

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