Do people really care if Trump is the first president not to have a dog since McKinley?

Of all his potential shortcomings, real or imaginary, International Business Times’ Sherley Boursiquot took exception that President Donald Trump doesn’t own a dog.

…other than perceived pit bull Steve Bannon, of course.

More from IBT:

Donald Trump could become the first U.S. president in decades who doesn’t have a pet dog – or any pets for that matter – in the White House. Other presidents in the past have had a least one dog, while many had several.

The last U.S. president who did not own a dog in office was William McKinley, but he did own several other animals, including roosters and a Mexican parrot named “Washington Post,” according to the Presidential Pet Museum.


Boursiquot said “it remains unclear if Trump dislikes animals,” but left open the possibility that he may acquire a pet, saying “it is still too early to tell.”

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FISA warrant, so Trump doesn’t have to prove it’

Perhaps Trump took a cue from the “Dogs against Romney” movement, assuming there’s little return in coveting the dog lovers votes.

One social media user seemed to offer just such a confirmation:

On the other hand, there’s always this:

For what it’s worth, Boursiquot also wrote about the White House dress code under Trump, citing an “anonymous Trump campaign source” to say that the president — egad! — wants women who work for him “to dress like women.”

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