Creepy guy in hockey mask attacks reporter during live broadcast

A creep in a hockey mask violently slammed into a New York reporter during his live broadcast Friday night.

The attack occurred when WANC reporter CeFaan Kim was reporting on an attempted rape in New York’s Lower East Side.

The man apparently wanted some notoriety, even though he initially hid his identity by sporting the “Friday The 13th“-style hockey mask. He approached Kim, placed his arm around his shoulder and demanded that the camera focus on him.

“Put the camera on me!” he screamed as it began panning skyward. Then he repeatedly asked of Kim, “What’s up? What’s up?”

As the man hurled the reporter to the pavement, a voice could be heard saying “Oh my God!”

But Kim’s no slouch himself — he’s a former U.S. Army Reserve sergeant, and he and his production crew fought back.

The reporter’s attacker eventually removed his mask, revealing a man with a full beard underneath. As he did so he said, “I didn’t attack you — you attacked me!”

Realizing he was heavily outnumbered, Kim’s attacker ran off into the night.

Kim posted a clip of the attack on Twitter in the hopes that someone can identify and report him to the police.

He also expressed his thanks on Facebook to the people who came to his aid, as well as those who expressed concern, adding that the “guy totally snuck up on me.”

He also posted a video to his Facebook page, stating that “This is the man who attacked me last night during a live broadcast in the Lower East Side.”

He added “If you’ve seen him please contact the 7th precinct. Police report has been filed. And thanks to everyone on twitter helping make this go viral we have a very solid lead. And thank you NYPD.”

One observer on Twitter noted:

That’s a fair observation. Protesters were out in force Saturday at Berkeley’s #March4Trump, which was hallmarked by the extreme violence directed at even elderly Trump supporters.

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