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NY Times columnist who had NERVE to blast Trump for using a teleprompter feels some serious heat

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Oh no he didn’t…

Oh yes, sadly he did.

New York Times op-ed columnist Andrew Rosenthal, being a New York Times Columnist after all, had to pen a scathing, critical piece about President Trump’s largely praised Tuesday night speech. As expected, the article certainly contains the typical liberal drivel, but criticizing Trump for using a teleprompter? Seriously?

House Dems wear white in protest of Trump to joint address, turns out to be a VERY bad decision

Calling Trump the “master of the art of diminished expectations,” Rosenthal wrote:

On Tuesday night, we are told, he looked sober and presidential, when all he actually did was read a speech from a Teleprompter without veering off into one of his incoherent rants. It’s hard to believe that even the ill-disciplined and narcissistic Trump would have stood in the well of the House of Representatives and tried to lead a chant of “lock her up” or slapped journalists with the “enemy of the people” label that has been a favorite of dictators for more than a century.

Apparently, Rosenthal has a very short, or a very selective, memory.

And finally, the tweet that says it all:

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