Who knew? Watch badass Sen. Grassley, 83, accept teen’s pushup challenge — and win!

When a high school senior challenged 83-year-old Sen. Chuck Grassley to a feat of strength last week, the youth was in for a huge surprise.

This occurred during the Iowa Republican’s visit to St. Ansgar High School, one stop in his promise to visit each of the Hawkeye State’s 99 counties every year.

Grassley didn’t hesitate an instant and pumped off two push-ups before his challenger, a girl named Kylie, even got started.

‘Trump thoroughly humiliates Dems by allowing them to humiliate themselves.’ The outcome…vindication

After Grassley racked up a dozen or so push-ups, another student could he heard saying, “He wins.”

And he did. After the teen stopped and returned to her bleacher seat, Grassley was still going at it.

Most everyone loved it — even some of his detractors.

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Eventually one person brought up those two words liberals always use when they can find nothing derogatory to say — Koch brothers.

Grassley is going to need all that stamina in the coming months. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee he’ll be fighting Democrats tooth and nail over confirmation of President Donald Trump’s choice for the Supreme Court — Judge Neil Gorsuch.


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