Alveda King defends Trump against bogus ‘racist’ label, says it’s a result of ‘fake news’

A niece of the late civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. blamed the conception of President Donald Trump as being a racist on “fake news.”

Clip via Fox News Channel

Alveda King told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly Wednesday that Trump was on her short list of presidential candidate favorites from the beginning because of his pro-life stance and his promise of jobs.

O’Reilly brought up the racist charge that African-Americans and the left tend to level at Trump.

“I never could figure that out. There’s no history of that in the man’s background,” he said.

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“So why are some African-Americans so vehemently opposed to the president?” he asked.

King said that she and her cousin, Bernice King, were at loggerheads on their presidential choices, but they were able to resolve their differences peacefully.

She added, however, that “Many blacks are hearing fake news.”

King said that they’re receiving the racist label mainly on social media, by people who fail to do their research.

“Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson complimented Donald Trump several years ago. [They] said his plans are great for the urban community,” she observed.

“The fake news — calling him a racist — that has to stop.”

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