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‘Savage’ James Woods stomps on Chuck Todd’s pink ‘P’ hat and throws it back in his face. Sorry, cupcake …

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Conservative actor James woods just ripped Chuck Todd a new, er…

He was responding to this Todd masterpiece:

Seriously Chuck? I mean, that’s a terribly broad statement, wouldn’t you say?

Todd was actually following up on his Friday MTP Daily anti-Trump rant, during which he said of Trump’s characterization of the media, “I don’t believe any American is the enemy of any other American.” According to Todd, “the president’s problems aren’t a media fabrication,” as he purported to list those problems. Referring to Trump’s Thursday media beat down, Todd also called Trump his own “press secretary” who “did his job, didn’t he?”

Todd’s rant and tweet was, of course, responding to Donald Trump’s Friday fake news media tweet. Interestingly, the “gotcha” crowd thought they had something when Trump originally tweeted out a slightly shorter version, then quickly deleted it:

Except, the president most certainly meant to send that out. He just forgot to include ABC and CBS!


Ah, much better!

For his part, Woods just keeps delivering body blow after body blow to the liberal establishment.

All of which drew plenty of hilarious reaction.

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