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Bias? What bias? CNN digs itself deeper, trolls Trump by playing a clip mocking his hand gestures

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If CNN wants to rid itself of it’s “fake news” label, they’re going at it the wrong way.

After Thursday’s hour-long-plus presidential news conference, the network that bills itself as “the most trusted name in news” spliced together a video mocking President Trump‘s hand gestures.

Really? The cable news giant posted:

And they thought, what? That it was newsworthy? That it was funny? It wasn’t long before Twitter released its snark.

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This is a 180 degree about-face from CNN’s reportage on the previous administration.

Maybe CNN’s stunt was a case of the network smoothing over its bruised ego.

If CNN wants to increase viewers — and followers — this isn’t the right way to go about it.

One video remix deserves another — and a more clever one — such as this hilarious “Hungry Like the Wolf” video featuring CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Whether you believe the president handled himself well or not depends on your politics and what you think of Trump. But love him or hate him, his performance was the talk of social media and all the news networks.


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