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Speaking of ‘mentally unstable’ . . . Rob Reiner predicts impeachment for ‘cancerous’ Trump

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Hollywood moonbat Rob Reiner was on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” Sunday morning to lend his political expertise to allegations National Security Adviser Michael Flynn talked about sanctions on Russia with the Russia’s ambassador.

…and to the surprise of few, the committed leftist attacked President Donald Trump, calling him a “pathological liar” who is “mentally unstable.”

But just because he has a doomsday take on the world doesn’t mean Reiner is not an eternal optimist.

“We have somebody who is mentally unstable, who is a pathological liar — there’s no getting around that — who’s running our country,” he said. “And if we can survive this, that will strengthen us in a strange way.”

Not only did the left-wing filmmaker compare Trump to President Richard Nixon, he also likened the president to cancer.

“We’re looking at a cancerous presidency that we cannot allow to spread,” Reiner said.

He went on to praise host Joy Reid for… ahem, being a good journalist.

“And so many things come at us with so many lies, and so much, you know, breaking of laws and so on, that it can get you off guard. And not only being that, but the media being attacked as being fake news, as being marginalized, and, you know, I just thank you much for being who you are,” Reiner said.

“And there are only a handful of you who are really doing real journalism and really looking at the truth,” he added, with a straight face.

Reiner also said communications between Russia and Trump aides will eventually surface and when that happens, impeachment will occur.

“I guarantee Republicans are not going to stand by when impeachment is put on the table,” he insisted.

All the years later and Archie was right all along… what a meathead!

Tom Tillison


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