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Sarah Silverman thinks utility marks are swastikas; gets super mad at expert-level mockery heaped on her

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As a ranking member of the perpetually offended left, vile comedian Sarah Silverman made a stupendous blunder on Twitter and was too proud to back away from it.

Much like a person holding a hammer is forever in search of a nail, Silverman seems to be on a lifelong quest to be offended by the right. The liberal comedian thought she hit pay dirt after spotting what she believed was a poor attempt at a swastika painted on a sidewalk.

Social media users were quick to note that the markings are used by surveyors to mark utilities.

After her hyperventilating was exposed for the lunacy it was, the arrogant comedian opted to play the “Jew card,” making a highly inappropriate comparison of criticism she receives as a far-left ideologue to the Holocaust.

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…and still hung on to her claim that the marking was “pretty close” to a swastika.

And despite the grilling she took on social media, Silverman was too proud — and stupid — to stop digging when finding herself in a hole.

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Proving just how vile she is, Silverman unleashed on her critics… and managed to bring President Donald Trump into the fray.

But if the “comedian” truly wants to be funny, she should take a page from Stephen Miller’s playbook:

Here are a few other responses from Twitter:

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