‘Go big or go home!’ Joy Villa is ‘speechless’ over what happened to her album sales after Grammy dress

Singer-songwriter Joy Villa’s Trump-inspired gown made a huge splash at Sunday’s Grammy awards. But that’s nothing new for the pop idol — she’s been going big all along.

She tweeted:

And the response was immediate and positive.

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One tweep recalled actress Meryl Streep’s bashing of President Trump at the Golden Globe awards and thought there was no comparison.

Folks began buying her music.

As a result, Villa’s album jumped up to 15 on the iTunes chart — and was climbing.

Album sales positively exploded Sunday night. Amazon.com’s “Movers& Shakers” reported that her sales skyrocketed by an astounding 54,350,200 percent.


The gown was designed by a Trump-admiring immigrant with a lot to say about it. 

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As much as Villa’s dress was applauded by conservatives, without surprise the left exploded in hate.

But all the hate in the world didn’t stop her album sales.


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