‘Most disgusting woman in USA’ arrested for what she shoved into Planned Parenthood protestor’s mouth

The unhinged left is called unhinged for a simple reason: they’re unhinged.

A hate-filled woman, Valerie Starushok, 21, assaulted a man peacefully protesting against Planned Parenthood by shoving a wet sanitary napkin into his mouth, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

“Eat this f**king pad, you cock face!” the angry woman screamed as she struck the man in the face with the wet feminine hygiene product.

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The disgusting assault happened in Ashland, Oregan, on Jan. 27, according to local police.

But the story did have a happy ending, with Starushok being charged with one count of harassment after turning herself in to police, according to local NBC affiliate KOBI 5.

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