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Muslim-American activist says unhinged leftists are hurting US image in Muslim world, and it’s dangerous

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Liberal pro-refugee protesters may think they’re trying to help America’s image in the Islamic world, but one Muslim-American author and activist is arguing that the effect of their actions could very well be quite the opposite.

Appearing on Your World with guest host Maria Bartiromo, Asra Nomani explained that the left’s unhinged reactions to what most Americans consider reasonable policies, such as temporarily restricting immigration from specific, America-hating failed states, is causing the left to lose “in the court of public opinion.”

Nomani pointed out that “dangerous rhetoric” on social media as well as violent protests such as what happened in Berkeley last week actually to embolden our enemies overseas because it paints America as “hostile to Muslims” when in reality the administration is simply taking steps to properly vet and keep out the extremists among them.

“What I fear is that the left is, in fact cooperating with this narrative, that America is hostile to Muslims,” Nomani said. “I am Muslim. I feel more safe in this country than I do in any Muslim country in the world.”

“The left is right now triumphant about the idea that it has won in court,” she continued, “but I do believe deeply in my heart as a lifelong liberal that the left is losing in the court of public opinion.”

Nomani reiterates that they lost and should “stop with this humiliation that it is constantly trying to do of the Trump administration and allow this party that has won to govern in a way that would serve our country.”

Not only does their rhetoric and actions hurt America’s standing among majority-Muslim countries, it could also cause further Democratic losses in 2018 as ordinary Americans cast their ballots against this type of “civil disobedience and civil disturbance that has unfortunately ripped the heart out of America.”

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