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Vogue editor ‘can’t imagine’ Melania won’t be featured on cover, and timing couldn’t be worse for Hillary

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Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour has promised to feature a lot more of First Lady Melania Trump.

“We have a tradition of always covering whoever is the first lady at Vogue, and I can’t imagine that this time would be any different,” Wintour told the Wall Street Journal. Melania, a former model, made the cover of Vogue in 2005 when she married President Trump.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was reportedly bumped off the March 2016 cover of Vogue because she’s a loser.

That’s the latest rumor from sources claiming Hillary was supposed to cover the new issue, but was instead replaced by a coterie of nubile supermodels after she lost the election.

melania trump hillary clinton vogue coverMagazine covers are often planned several months in advance, so it’s no surprise that Wintour, a longtime Clinton ally, was dying to put her on its cover. That is, until Hillary lost the election.

But don’t cry for Hillary just yet — she made the cover of Vogue in 1998 in a stunning photo that looked as if her head had been Photoshopped onto someone else’s body.

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New York Times writer Jacob Bernstein ignited the rumors this week by tweeting: “Vogue’s March issue was going to feature Hillary Clinton on the cover. That didn’t quite work out.”

Bernstein later deleted that tweet. But last month, Fast Company also claimed that a Hillary cover had been in the works — until she lost the election.


hillary clinton vogue cover scratched
(Image credit: Daily Mail)

“The idea to have Clinton on the cover of the upcoming ‘power’ issue was ultimately tabled in the wake of her election defeat,” Fast Company wrote. “It’s not clear if that was Clinton’s decision or the magazine’s. And the editors spent weeks scrambling to find a replacement.”

Meanwhile, anonymous sources at Vogue told the Daily Mail they had never discussed putting Clinton on its recent cover.

Don’t worry, Hillary. There’s always 2020.

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