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Lady Gaga gets last laugh after libs skewered her for not spewing Trump-hate at Super Bowl

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Lady Gaga took the heat and she’s singing all the way to the bank now.

Gaga avoided spewing political hate during her epic Super Bowl halftime performance and she didn’t hesitate to politely shut down body-shamers on social media.

With more than 117 million people tuning in to watch the 30 year-old singer’s set during Super Bowl 51 on Sunday, she did not fail to deliver. But some, it seems, couldn’t help mocking her “pot belly” as she performed wearing a crop top and shorts.

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On Tuesday, the performer fired back at the body-shamers in an Instagram post, saying “I’m proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too.”

“Be you, and be relentlessly you. That’s the stuff of champions,” she wrote.

Gaga’s fans, known as her Little Monsters, were quick to come to the singer’s defense and praised her natural beauty. Countless others applauded Gaga and blasted the body-shamers.

Although it was expected that Gaga would use her Super Bowl performance stage as a platform to vent political monologues about President Donald Trump, the liberal Grammy Award-winner chose to simply entertain the masses.

And while liberals criticized her for not taking advantage of the opportunity to bash the president, former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton said she “went #Gaga for the Lady, & her message” in a tweet.

Regardless of the negative comments, Lady Gaga is the one having the last laugh as her music sales have taken off since Sunday’s show.

According to USA Today:

Nielsen Music reports she sold 125,000 song downloads. That’s up roughly 960% compared to the day before the game. She sold over 23,000 albums on Sunday, representing a 2,000% increase.

The newest song in her Super Bowl set, A Million Reasons, saw the biggest sales bump with 45,000 downloads, up 900% from one day earlier. In fact, A Million Reasons, a track from her October release Joanne, had its best sales week ever.

Several of her other hits also saw spikes in sales and downloads.

Demand for the artist’s station increased on the streaming service, Pandora, with a rise of 1,400% compared to last week, USA Today reported. On Sunday, more than 24,000 users added her station to their accounts.

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Relive some of the highlights from Gaga’s Super Bowl performance in USA Today’s compilation clip below.

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