Chris Matthews suggests Trump admin might target company behind anti-border Super Bowl ad

One of the more controversial Super Bowl ads on Sunday tackled the subject of illegal immigration by depicting a Mexican mother and daughter making the trek northward in search of a better life.

The building supply company behind the ad, 84 Lumber, is getting plenty of attention and MSNBC host Chris Matthews implied Monday on “Hardball” that the Trump White House could target the family-owned company.

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Apparently accustomed to former President Barack Obama weaponizing the federal government — IRS attack on the tea party — to go after political enemies, the MSNBC host suggested U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement may start watching Lumber 84.

“I think ICE will be watching to see if they hire people like the ones in the ad,” he said.

84 Lumber was forced to modify the ad for not complying with NFL standards, cutting a scene where the mother and daughter come across an imposing border wall — much like the one President Donald Trump plans to build.

Matthews was critical of the company after reading a statement from the owner of 84 Lumber on Monday’s edition of “Hardball.”

The owner said, in part:

“I am all about those people willing to fight can go extra yard to make a different and then if they have to, you know, climb higher, go under, do whatever it takes to become a citizen. I’m for that 110 percent.”


“That is so weird because it seemed to me when I saw it, they are going to recruit people here without papers,” Matthews said.

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“That was weird. To say that’s how you become a citizen,” he added. “You don’t get to be a citizen just getting on the geographic mass of the United States.”


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