Kellyanne: Dems ‘have time to cry and weep’ at airports, but not to confirm Trump nominees

Kellyanne Conway has a way of saying things that get right to the point… and drives liberals insane.

In an appearance Sunday on Fox News’ “Media Buzz,” the senior adviser to President Donald Trump called out Democrats for the “record number of unconfirmed nominees to a presidential cabinet,” before lowering the boom on the opposition.

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That number stands at eleven for those keeping score at home.

“The Democrats want to go on the record, they have time to go and cry and weep at the airport protesting something that they’ve completely bastardized as to what it is and what its intent and what its effect is, this immigration order,” Conway explained.

“And yet they don’t have time to give a fair hearing, an up-or-down vote on these nominees?” she asked.

“You want to vote against, vote against,” Conway continued. “But at least give people a hearing and the decency of a vote.”

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