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Watch this artist bring down the house creating awesome Trump painting live; calls it ‘bye-bye, f-ing snowflakes’

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A cooler head prevailed.

While hundreds of loud-mouthed demonstrators were gathered outside the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the venue for the DeploraBall, artist Scott LoBaido was inside calmly working on his latest creation — something he called “America’s Mona Lisa.”

Clip via The New York Post

“The maniacs are out there,” he said. “The snowflakes, the violence. They’re throwing bottles. They’re throwing rocks. I fear nothing.”


But he added one fear. “I’m worried about my truck.”

And worried he should be, painted in red, white and blue stars and striped, it screams “Trump supporter.”


“It’s a f**king target!” LoBaido said.

He was later introduced by the event’s emcee as “the quintessential Trump supporter,” and described as a “chain-smoking, swearing Staten Islander.”

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Then he got to work, telling the attendees that he was calling his painting, “Bye-bye, f**king snowflakes.”


And as the protesters outside were burning the American flag:


LoBaido feverishly began creating one in a mad combination of fine art and performance art — he was creating it in front of the crowd.


And the painting’s message was clear — there’s a new sheriff in town.


And his performance earned LoBaido a huge smack on the cheek from attendee Elizabeth Schultz, who tweeted:

When 11,000 air traffic controllers called his bluff, President Reagan fired all of them–it’s called leadership

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