Tucker triggers undocumented guest: ‘I didn’t come to this country so you can beat me up, call me criminal on national TV’

Tucker Carlson got into a war of words with an undocumented immigrant guest who slammed America’s immigration policy.

Journalist Jose Antonio Vargas, founder of the pro-illegal immigrant organization Define America, argued with Carlson on his right to be critical of U.S. law on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday.

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“What would happen if I showed up in the Philippines as a non-citizen there illegally and I started saying, ‘Hey Philippines, I hate your immigration policy and by the way I think you’re racist for not liking me, and I think I’ll file some illegal lawsuits against you and just be quiet and accept my illegal presence?'” Carlson asked his guest.

Vargas, who was brought to the U.S. from the Philippines when he was twelve, agreed that a country has the right to defend its borders, but “we have a right to ask harder questions of ourselves.”

The interview quickly spiraled downhill as the debate went from immigration to labor with Vargas circling around Carlson’s questions.

“Do you think I came to this country,” Vargas asked, “so you can beat me up and call me illegal and criminal on national television?”

Carlson accused the refugee advocate of throwing out “non-sequiturs.”

“You don’t actually operate in facts,” Vargas shot back. “I operate in facts, you’re a pundit.”

Carlson continued to press for an answer to what the argument was about since Vargas agreed that the country has the right to tell those here illegally they have to leave.

“But why am I here? Why do people come here?” Vargas replied, stepping into the topic of slavery and the causes of migration.

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Carlson was confused to the point of laughter with his guest’s direction, telling him, “You claim to be a journalist, since you’re in the explaining business – what’s that mean?”

“You’re confused because you don’t deal with context,” Vargas replied.

“What are you saying?” Carlson pressed. “This is not a class. People expect a rational argument from you. What is it?”

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