‘I’m going to shock you.’ Geraldo gives in, reluctantly admits it might be time to build a wall

Fox News Channel’s Geraldo Rivera finally threw in the towel.

When pressed on the issue of constructing a wall at the southern border, Rivera withdrew his previous objections to the proposed project, although he maintained it would have little effect.

“I’m going to shock you. I am withdrawing my opposition to the wall,” Rivera said on Fox NewsChannel’s “The O’Reilly Factor” Wednesday, “No, listen, elections have consequences. This was his signature issue, and if the people want the wall which I think is a waste of money.”

Rivera’s reversal surprised Eric Bolling, and observed that “we almost walked outside on a show once over the wall.”

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“You know, I think you should have a piece of the wall” O’Reilly replied. “sponsored by Geraldo. You could have your picture there.”

Rivera still disputed the wall’s effectiveness.

“You’re going to have a $25-billion wall and a $25 ladder and the ladder will triumph,” Rivera added.

A few on social media observed that ladder or not, there were still ways to control illegal border crossings.

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Although O’Reilly admitted that a wall may not halt illegal immigration, he believed it could put a dent into drug trafficking.

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