Jenna Jameson blasts Bill Maher for criticizing Trump: I’ve seen your actions at the Playboy mansion

Former adult film star Jenna Jameson had little patience for Bill Maher’s sanctimonious criticism of President Donald Trump for telling Billy Bush in 2005 that when you’re a star, women let you “grab them by the p***y.”

Calling out the hypocritical host of HBO’s “Real Time,” Jameson, a Trump supporter, said she has seen Maher at the Playboy mansion and he “fits right in with us ‘p***y grabbers.’”

When a social media user tried to downplay her remark, tweeting: “She only said she’s seen him in the mansion; not saying specific behavior,” Jameson got right to the point, eschewing the subtlety she displayed earlier.


One thing is certain, Jameson does not suffer fools on her Twitter feed. But she was a little more gracious in responding to a social media user who pointed out that Maher is not the president.

“My point is that he can’t be shocked at Trumps comments many years ago, when he is truly the deplorable one,” Jameson tweeted.

As for suffering no fools, that side of Jameson came out as well when yet another user made the same observation:

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