Hillary left ‘drug addict’ out of deplorable basket! Bill Maher giving Trump a head start on 2020 win

Even if the season premiere of Real Time with Bill Maher hadn’t fallen on the very day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, the liberal comedian would have doubtless still mercilessly bashed the incoming president.

However, Maher took things a step further Friday night, hurling his insults and negative inferences disguised as comedy not only at President Trump, but his supporters as well.

Pointing out the supposed correlation between red states and prescription drug problems, Maher quipped, “So let’s stop calling Trump voters idiots and fools and call them what they are, f*cking drug addicts!”

Apparently, it’s OK for liberals to point out the “phenomenon of white conservatives on drugs,” but all other groups are off-limits. We get it.



Of course, at the end of the day let’s remember who got the last laugh…


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