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Insults fly as Tucker challenges oblivious HuffPo writer who insists Hillary is the ‘legitimate president’

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Tucker Carlson tore into a Huffington Post writer who argued that Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, is the “rightful president-elect of the United States.”

The Fox News host questioned writer Alex Mohajer about his article published over the weekend, “The Legitimate President,” which contends that alleged Russian meddling in the election, Clinton’s popular vote win and FBI Director James Comey’s statements about the investigation of Clinton’s emails are reason for Trump to be stripped of the presidency.

“You put up as your evidence, this piece of propaganda from the Lyndon LaRouche newsletter,” Carlson said, pointing to a 1987 article that Mohajer cited from the Executive Intelligence Review, a publication founded by Lyndon LaRouche who Carlson referred to as an anti-Semite. “Do you really think that’s a legitimate news source?”

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“Are you saying you are an illegitimate journalist?” Mohajer asked Carlson, noting his role as founder of the Daily Caller. “You had some pretty racist, terrible junk on that website.”

Carlson initially found Mohajer’s remarks humorous but became frustrated when he continued to defend his use of the Executive Intelligence Review as a legitimate source of information.

“It’s a piece by a lunatic, Alex,” Carlson said, as Mohajer continued to attack the Daily Caller.

“This is so stupid. I can’t go on,” Carlson interrupted, laughing at his guest’s insults before accusing Mohajer of alleging things in his argument to replace Trump with Clinton.

“The idea that people take a crackpot like you – who would throw something out there with no evidence – is distressing,” Carlson said. “And shame on the Huffington Post for printing your garbage.”

Mohajer shot back, arguing that Carlson was too focused on “partisan squabbling” to really hear him out.

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“You ran a partisan group during the election!” an exasperated Carlson fired back, ending the interview. “You’re a Democratic political operative!”

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