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In his wackiest interview yet, Tucker loses it when shady mystery guest names the wrong Manning

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All the ingredients were there.

Tucker Carlson mixed a shady anonymous guest who looked straight out of the cast of Breaking Bad, mysterious ads across the nation promising paid protesters $2,500 for Trump inauguration “work,” Wikileaks, a last-minute change of sides, aliens (yes, aliens), and …

… Peyton Manning?

That’s right, folks. In perhaps the funniest interview yet of Tucker Carlson’s brilliant new show, the Fox News host interviewed the man purportedly behind ads placed in over 20 cities across the country promising paid protesters $50 per hour plus an extra $2,500 per month to “disrupt” the Trump inauguration.

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Even liberal Snopes calls this thing a likely hoax, but Tucker was determined to expose it even further. Enter the Director of Operations for Demand Protest, a man who calls himself “Dom Tullipso,” at least for TV interview purposes:

Tucker started right out of the gate by hammering “Tullipso” on his entire story. “So, this is a sham,” Carlson said. “Your company isn’t real. Your website is fake. The claims you have made are lies. This is a hoax.”

Though he refused to give his real name, “Tullipso” actually doubled down, insisting his company is legitimate, with an $80 million budget. He also revealed that he is changing sides to support Trump because of “hate mail” they’ve received. Now they are supposedly “protesting the protesters.”

Well, alrighty then.

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Now that you’ve gotten this far, the interview is a must-watch! Check it out, especially the part where “Tullipso” goes all alien on Tucker and gets Bradley Manning mixed up with a famous retired NFL quarterback. Believe me, you haven’t laughed this hard since Hillary opened a jar of pickles on the Tonight Show.


“Obviously, this is performance art,” Tucker quipped. “And you’re pretty good at it.”


Naturally, social media went wild with lots of great responses.






Even “Tullipso” himself got in on the action. Tucker still thinks it was “performance art,” and nothing from this guy’s newly established Twitter account (if it’s really him) refutes that assumption.

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