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Oh, no! Rubio’s criticism of Obama commuting Manning sentence doesn’t use liberal-approved language

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President Obama’s Tuesday pardon and commutation spree unexpectedly included lopping several decades off of former Army soldier Chelsea (don’t call me Bradley) Manning’s original 35-year sentence for stealing and sending 750,000 pages of videos and documents to WikiLeaks.

The intelligence community was angry at this, as were politicians like Arizona Senator John McCain and Marco Rubio, among others.

Rubio hasn’t tweeted about it yet, but he did release this statement. Notice anything odd?

Of course, this is a conundrum for many who aren’t quite sure what to call mentally disturbed people who mutilate themselves because they think they are the “wrong sex.”  Even Senator Rubio, though he would never criticize Manning’s sex “choice” because he enjoys being a senator, appears to be conflicted on what exactly to call her, or him, or it…

So he just avoids pronouns entirely and goes with Private Manning.

‘Never Trump’ Republicans shocked they can’t find jobs in Trump’s White House

A safe decision? Not according to liberals.

Many were quick to point out the oddity of what these folks chose to focus on:

And finally, a tweet that sums it all up…

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