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Sparks fly between Tucker Carlson and Jehmu Greene: ‘I’m not gonna play this gotcha game’

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, in a continuation of a format that has proven to be popular, took on Jehmu Greene, an analyst at the network and a candidate for the Democratic National Committee chair.

but the real fireworks came at the end of the interview.

Carlson called his guest to task for referring to the November election as the “alleged election,” and Greene responded — naturally — by pointing to the Russians.

“Something happened in this election with Russia,” she said. “Something happened that was so significant that the Democratic members of Congress that got that classified briefing stormed out of that room.”

Tucker asked Greene if she just said Hillary Clinton lost the election because of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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“Don’t put words in my mouth, Tucker,” she replied. “There are things the Democratic Party needs to address. Certainly we have to find better ways of communicating our issues and certainly we have to find a better way to inspire communities that will turn out for us.”

Bringing race into the discussion, Carlson noted that one community Democrats are not inspiring is white voters.

A long back and forth ensued, with Carlson repeatedly trying to get Greene to denounce remarks made by Hillary Clinton and the former spokesperson for Bernie Sander’s presidential campaign, who said “we don’t need white people leading the Democratic party right now.”

“I’m tired of these types of conversations,” Green eventually said, adding later that, “I’m not gonna let you divide us!”

Carlson brought the conversation back to Trump and his plan to re-import drugs from Canada at a lower price, but Greene wasn’t in the mood to play along.

“I’m not gonna play this gotcha game, I’m not gonna sit here and cheerlead somebody who is refusing to even celebrate Martin Luther King Day.”

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“Why do you always bring it back to race?” Carlson asked.

“That’s how this segment started, Tucker,” she fired back. “You’re the one who picked the topic!”

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