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‘That’s just obnoxious’ – Reporter explains how CNN got EIGHT seats on front row of Trump presser

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Donald Trump was right when he trashed CNN for being “rude” at his press conference last week.

Joe Concha, media reporter for The Hill, told Fox News host Howard Kurtz that CNN reporter Jim Acosta was unprofessional, rude and obnoxious at the presser.

Concha wondered why Acosta felt he had the right to shout a question at the president-elect when 250 other journalists patiently waited their turn.

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“I want to know why Jim Acosta felt he was entitled, more privileged, than the other 250 reporters that were in that room by repeatedly yelling no more than 14 times at a president-elect demanding that he be afforded the right to ask a question,” Concha said. “I found that to be grandstanding.”

Even worse, Concha said CNN are selfish, obnoxious seat hogs!

Oh, by the way, another point that John Roberts brought up on this network and no one else talked about: CNN that morning, around 5:45, reserved 8 seats for themselves in the front row by putting reserved signs down, effectively boxing out other news organizations that wanted that kind of access. That’s just obnoxious.

Fox News reporter John Roberts said the seating at the press conference was first-come, first-serve, but CNN had one of their minions place “reserved” signs on EIGHT SEATS in the front now.


Roberts noted that most news organization took up only one seat, and he was lucky to have gotten one after CNN’s seat-hogging stunt.

So there you have it: While CNN slams Trump for being rude and obnoxious, it turns out that’s exactly what their fellow reporters think THEY are.

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