Proposal to drug test White House press corps brings new meaning to ‘yellow journalism’

Now we’re getting somewhere!

In a move that gives the term “yellow journalism” a whole new meaning, a candidate for President-elect Donald Trump‘s press secretary called for drug testing the White House press corps.

The individual included the proposal in a confidential memo to members of Trump’s transition team on how to better deal with the media, according to Page Six.

“Journalists who are at the White House more than one day per week should be subject to drug screenings to occur no more than twice a year at random times,” the proposal said. “Refusal to comply should exclude them from credentialing entirely.”

Trump’s acrimonious relationship with the media is no secret and seems to grow more combative by the day, but does he really want reporters feeling less mellow?

And while the candidate was not chosen, one could only imagine the media reaction to random drug testing.

But the elite journalists who make up the White House press pool don’t have to pack away the bong just yet. The man who did get the job told Page Six they’ll leave it in the hands of the professionals.

“I support whatever security measures are recommended by the Secret Service,” said Trump press secretary Sean Spicer.

And given the Secret Service’s recent track record, the press pool can expect to party on!

Tom Tillison


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