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Fuming over Acosta snub, CNN’s Lemon asks how Trump would feel if he were called a ‘fake president’

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CNN’s Don Lemon was appalled over colleague Jim Acosta’s treatment by President-elect Donald Trump at Wednesday’s press conference.

Trump accused CNN of disseminating “fake news,” prompting Lemon to ask, “What if you called him a fake president?”

Really? Well, rise and shine, Skippy — the left has been calling Trump’s defeat of his opponent Hillary Clinton illegitimate since November 9 when the electoral results were announced.

During a heated exchange, when Trump refused to take a follow-up question from CNN’s Jim Acosta, Trump finally accused the network of disseminating a “fake news” story about the president-elect.

After playing a clip of the dust-up, Lemon brought on Acosta, who admitted nothing like that had ever happened to him before.

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“I expected the person, the woman or man who followed you to say, ‘I yield my time to Jim Acosta’ or ‘My question is Jim Acosta’s question’,” Lemon claimed. “I think this is a time for the press to stand up for each other.”

Do you mean how the press rallied behind Fox News Channel during President Obama’s eight years of offending the cable news giant?

Lemon that urged other media outlets to take a stand against the president-elect in order to protest the First Amendment freedom of the press. Then he took a shot squarely at Trump.

“I saw Sean Spicer on Fox News and he said you were rude,” Lemon said. “And I thought, when he called you fake news, what if you called him a fake president?”

Bingo! Right on cue, tweeps on the left called Trump — a fake president.

And still another observed that CNN has been delegitimizing Trump’s victory at the polls from day-1, by emphasizing Clinton’s popular vote victory, and attributing Trump’s electoral win to outside factors.

You’re too late on that one, Lemon. And that could be one reason Trump may be a little sensitive on the subject these days.


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