‘White Hispanic’ trends in wake of Ft. Lauderdale shooting, remember who else got that label by the left?

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As the story unfolded on Friday, the racial identity of the 26-year-old airline passenger now in custody for allegedly killing five people and injuring eight others at a Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood airport baggage claim area began to take on a life of its own.

These things generally begin with the typical liberal attempts to ignore or downplay the race, and especially the religion, of the perpetrator if he or she happens to be a ‘preferred’ minority.

Because – duh! – race only matters to the media when the perpetrator is white.

Of course, since it’s hard to deny the ethnicity of someone named Estaban Santiago, naturally they skipped to the next best thing:

“White Hispanic” … seems like I remember that term…

So, apparently “white Hispanic” is a term the liberal media lays on a person of Hispanic descent who does something bad or, in Zimmerman’s case, something the media doesn’t like.

Otherwise, the person would be a “proud Hispanic” or a “hard-working Hispanic” … or even just Hispanic.

But “white Hispanic??” Watch out!

Because as we all know, white people do the most dastardly things!

Oddly enough, the term trended on Twitter Friday afternoon. Here’s a great sampling of responses:



That was tweeted when the wrong picture of Santiago was floating around, but you get the drift.







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Scott Morefield


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