Torture video of disabled white man not the first sick video from thugs; disturbing details revealed in court

In their first court appearance since being arrested for kidnapping, battery, and hate crimes in Tuesday’s torture of a mentally-disabled white man, the four Chicago thugs allegedly responsible were denied bail on Friday.

Meanwhile, more disturbing details are emerging about case, many of them revealed at Friday’s hearing:

According to the New York Post, “one of the four thugs demanded $300 from the victim’s mother while he was being held, according to prosecutors.”

During the hearing, prosecutors also revealed that the victim suffers from attention deficit disorder and schizophrenia.

In addition to the horrendous torture shown on the 30-minute video, the teenaged victim was also beaten in the stolen van while being transported. Officials also said the victim allegedly had a stock stuffed into his mouth, his mouth taped shut, and his hands bound with a belt.



The defendants, far from being misguided youths who took a ‘prank’ too far, were actually far from innocent even before this incident took place. According to the Post:

Tanishia Covington, 24, has a 2007 juvenile arrest for felony attempted armed robbery.

Jordan Hill, 18, has a 2015 juvenile arrest for armed robbery, possession of a stolen vehicle and residential burglary.

Covington’s sister, Brittany, and Tesfaye Cooper, both 18, have minor, non-violent offenses on their raps.

But it’s Cooper, the ‘star’ of Tuesday’s video, who interestingly has had a history of posting disturbing things on Facebook. The Post writes:

Two months before the kidnapping, Cooper posted a violent YouTube video in which he points what looks like a BB rifle at the camera and drawls, “Boom! Put a bullet in ya a–!”

Tesfaye Cooper, 18, published the YouTube clip on October 22 under the name PBG HotHead, a reference to the North Side, Chicago-based “Pooh Bear Gang.”

“Yeah, Boom! Smoke yo a–” he says in the nearly incoherent clip. “Damn! Big a– bitch a– n—…Boom! Put a bullet in ya a–!”


*Caution: Adult language, violent content

So it would seem that posting a video showing the torture of a young, mentally-disabled white man while the perpetrators shout “F–k Donald Trump!” and “f–k white people!” was merely the next step in a series of progressions for these thugs.

One can only hope it’ll be the last.

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