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Tucker demolishes Russian rigged election assumption with just one question

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On a Tuesday morning Fox & Friends appearance, new Fox host Tucker Carlson dropped a targeted ballistic missile on the assumption that the Russians somehow ‘rigged’ the election by hacking Democrats and sending their findings to Wikileaks.

Specifically, the testimony of Julian Assange himself, and the more pertinent question – Why would he lie?

Carlson point out Assange’s claim to have “not even been contacted… by anybody in the United States” about Russian involvement in the hacking, despite the fact that a reasonable person might conclude that the Wikileaks founder should be the absolute first source to be asked if a legitimate investigation were to take place.

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“You have to ask yourself, if he’s lying, what’s the point of his lying?” Carlson asked. “Julian Assange is a man of the left. He’s not an ally of Donald Trump.”

In addition to denying that the leaks came from Russian sources on multiple occasions, Assange has told Sean Hannity that the purpose of the Russian hacking assumption was to “delegitimize Trump.”

But, Carlson asked, “Why would he be acting on Trump’s behalf? What is his motive for doing that? I don’t see that he has one. We’re missing part of the story.”

“You’ve noticed perhaps that a number of journalists on the left… have jumped up to defend and said, ‘wait a second, there’s no evidence that Russia was behind this.’ Are they tools of the Kremlin too?”

Carlson ended the interview by pointing out the fact that “there’s a lot of sober people who have no motive to lie are asking the obvious question which is, do we really know if Putin is really behind this?”

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“The answer is no, we don’t really know.”

Watch the video below:

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