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Court orders ID of guy who tweeted James Woods is a cocaine addict be revealed

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The identity of the man who accused James Woods of abusing cocaine may now finally be revealed to the actor.

On Tuesday, a court ordered that the attorney for the now reportedly deceased accuser release the man’s name, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“This is a significant step forward in our ability to recover the millions in damages caused by John Doe’s cowardly Tweet,” Woods’ attorney Michael Weinsten said. “It also sends a message to others who believe they can hide behind the anonymity of online social media to falsely accuse public figures of heinous behavior without recourse to themselves.”

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Woods filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against “John Doe,” the anonymous Twitter user who went by the name “Abe List,” back in July 2015. Woods accused List of crossing the line by characterizing the actor as a “cocaine addict.”

Woods cheered when an appeal by the anonymous defendant was cut short, tweeting: “The slime who libeled me just dropped his appeal contesting my victorious SLAPP motion.”

Woods was undeterred when he was notified that Abe List had died.

“Learn this. Libel me, I’ll sue you. If you die, I’ll follow you to the bowels of Hell. Get it?” he posted in a tweet that was later removed, according to the Reporter.

At a November deposition, List’s attorney, Kenneth White refused to reveal his now-deceased client’s identity claiming Woods’ tweets and other statements show the actor was seeking to harass List’s family. In a reply brief, Weinsten wrote that Woods’ conduct was “purely defensive and justified” because of the defamation.

The Los Angeles Superior Court judge apparently agreed and ordered White to reveal his client’s name.

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Woods took to Twitter to comment “#Victory” on Tuesday and posted a few other thoughts.

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