What’s worse, Bob Costas’ hat or the fact that his co-host called him out for fake teeth? You decide…

NBC Sports anchor Bob Costas was the recipient of a double-whammy before the game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles Thursday night.

He got called out by football analyst Rodney Harrison, whose remarks were as chilly as the winter evening air.

“That hat is not a Merry Christmas hat,” Harrison said of Costas’s black fedora.

“You are the only dissenter,” Costas shot back, and added that the 60,000 fans yet to arrive would agree with his take.

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That’s when Harrison let loose with the second whammy — Costas’s chompers.

“All I can say is, every time I look at you, instead of your false teeth, I see your hat!” Harrison claimed.

A little harsh for live TV, but Costas took it well and defended both.

“The teeth are mine and I own the hat too!” Costas shot back.

“So now you’re 0-2! Don’t press your luck! You’re on a losing streak worse than the Eagles,” he added.

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