Donald Trump keeps his word, creates new position for trade-hawk, China critic who means BUSINESS

The fact that China has been literally eating our lunch on trade was a central campaign issue for Donald Trump, and it very likely won him the key rust belt states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

And now, Trump is keeping his campaign promise in a YUGE way with the creation of a brand-new White House National Trade Council headed by no less than trade-hawk and outspoken China critic Peter Navarro.

Of the Navarro pick, China expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies Scott Kennedy told CNBC, “I think the big signal is, Trump meant what he said when he said he was going to try to reconfigure the trade relationship with China. Navarro is sort of the font of ideas on how to analyze China.”

A politician who means what he says. What a novel idea!

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Navarro, author of several books on the China trade issue including “Death by China,” “The Coming China Wars,” and “China And Weapons of Mass Production,” argues that the world’s most populous nation undermines the U.S. economy by providing U.S. companies with cheap workers in the short term, all the while picking off U.S. jobs, industry, and knowledge and using them against the United States.

In addition, Navarro points out that U.S. companies, through lobbyists, pay money to Congress in order to maintain the status quo.

According to CNBC, “Navarro, a Democrat, is a professor at the University of California-Irvine and has written commentary on China with Trump’s pick for commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross. Trump has singled out Navarro’s work as influencing his views on trade.”

Indeed, Trump confirms as much in his transition release:

“I read one of Peter’s books on America’s trade problems years ago and was impressed by the clarity of his arguments and thoroughness of his research… He has presciently documented the harms inflicted by globalism on American workers and laid out a path forward to restore our middle class. He will fulfill an essential role in my administration as a trade adviser.”


The release also describes the purpose of the new National Trade Council:

The National Trade Council will work collaboratively and synergistically with the National Security Council, the National Economic Council, and the Domestic Policy Council to fulfill the President’s vision of peace and prosperity through military and economic strength. For the first time, there will be a council within the White House that puts American manufacturing and American workers first, and that thinks strategically about the health of America’s defense industrial base and the role of trade and manufacturing in national security.


America is about to start winning again on trade, and it couldn’t come a moment too soon for the American worker.

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