Bitter Bette Midler lashes out at Kellyanne Conway for new White House gig in NASTY tweet

*Warning for foul language.

Being a good liberal Hollywood actress, it would be impossible for someone like Bette Midler to find it within herself to actually be happy for another woman’s success … if that woman happens to be a conservative or – gasp! – someone associated with Donald Trump.

But it’s not enough to be unhappy, one must also show one’s disdain by putting out a vulgar Tweet about the situation for the world to see. After all, Midler IS a good liberal, and if anything defines a good liberal isn’t it a total lack of class?

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Here’s Midler’s Tweet after it was announced that campaign manager Kellyanne Conway accepted a post within the Trump administration.

To put this in context, Conway had at first hesitated to accept a role that wouldn’t allow her to also be a good mother to her children. Turns out, this post will be “family-friendly.”

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Rightfully so, Midler was hammered mercilessly for her vulgar Tweet:

And finally, a Tweet that says it all:

Stay classy, Bette!

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